Recently Google released a version of Chrome that flags any website that does not have a SSL certificate (proof of identity – https at the beginning of the address).  Any page not covered by a SSL certificate that has a login box is now showing the message Not Secure in the address bar.

While technically correct, the likelihood of a breach is extremely remote for a photography club/competition website to be targeted in such a way.  All payments associated with the site are done at PayPal and not at MyPhotoClub.  Many other security safeguards have been in place since inception of the site.

Nevertheless a certificate has been purchased and installed, so that all communication on the site is now encrypted.  Chrome now proudly displays the site as Secure.

There are two issues that arise from this implementation:

  1. If you have an alternate domain name like, then using this address will result in a “site not secure” error message.  A certificate is being arranged for each of these names.  Use the address instead.
  2. While it was never advertised, it is possible to access your site with the address  This address will produce the “site not secure” error message.  Use the address instead.

If most of this is gobbly-gook then that’s OK. – Trust me – the site is safer now but was never unsafe 🙂