With the opening for entries of the Maitland International Salon of Photography on October 1st, a new feature is being released  – group payments and discounts.

Competition organisers can elect to turn this feature on and set up a discount schedule.  Everything else is automated, with no further action required.

To setup a group  simply press the Group Entry button and select Create a Group.  Enter a name and a four digit PIN number.   The system emails an acknowledgement of the group name and the submitted PIN number.  This information can then be sent to all potential group members.

The person who creates a group becomes the group manager and is responsible for making a single online payment for all members of their group.

To join a group each entrant uses the Group Entry button and selects the group and enters the PIN number.   Payment options are then turned off for the group member.  The Group Manager is notified by email when someone joins.

How is the discount applied?

Once the number of group members that have entered the competition crosses a discount threshold, the entry fee due is reduced by the applicable discount rate.  If you don’t reach a discount threshold, the full rate is charged.  If you pay the entry fees and more people join your group the discount is applied to the total entry fee so you get the full benefit of the discounts on offer.

For example, Maitland Salon is offering a discount  of 10% for 10 or more entrants, and 20% for 20 or more entrants.

How do I track my group’s entries?

The Group Entry page shows all group members who are in the group and their entry details and individual fees.   For the group manager, the PayPal payment button to pay fees appears at the bottom of the page.

Can I do the labeling and posting of prints (if applicable) for my group?

Yes, the name of each entrant in the group member list enables you to access their label set.  Each entrant still has access to their labels so they can elect to do this themselves.  Your choice, but every entry must be labelled correctly.

Who can use this feature?

All with all features added to the MyPhotoClub network, this capability is now available to all clubs and competitions hosted by MyPhotoClub.