An online judging system has been developed and is now available for all competitions.

This system is very simple to use and offers a new method of judging not previously available.  Features are:

  • More than one judge is used – as many as you wish
  • Each judge awards a score from 1 to 5
  • Their scores are added together to give a total score for each entry
  • The judges may enter the competition, as the score for their entry is ignored, and the average of the other judge’s score is used in its place
  • Invitations to judges are by automated emails
  • Judges simply view the first entry in full screen
  • A score is assigned by pressing 1 to 5.
  • The score is saved and the next image is displayed.
  • Once all entries are scored they are grouped by their score.
  • When finished the judge clicks a button to finish.

This process can run in parallel to the normal award system and has no effect on those results

The competition steward has a view of each judge’s progress and can close off the judging whenever they choose.

Please give the system a try.   Select a published competition and send the judging request to yourself.

Online Judging is accessed through the Competition Management page of your Management page.

Note: Currently only members of your club can be selected to judge. this will be expanded to allow anyone to judge and also to send invites to a group.