An improved login system has been introduced.  The previous login system was affecting performance and had other issues, which has hastened its planned replacement.  It is accessed by this button on the home page.

When a person requires access they click on the button and are presented with a request for their email address.

If the email address exists then they are prompted for their password and given the option to be sent a password reset.

If they don’t have an account they are prompted to enter their name and register. Only first and last names are required. A password is generated and their username is their email address.  They are logged on immediately and can continue on to what their purpose is (enter a competition or join a club)

Will all users need to log in with their email address now?

Yes. The reason for this is the level of support calls regarding logging in and confusion about what email address the person has used.  The use of email addresses as usernames and this two-step access process is being widely adopted and will reduce access problems.

What about capturing address and profile details?

MyPhotoClub offers services to many different usage scenarios.  In many cases, only the person’s name is required. The privacy philosophy employed here is to only request information when it is required for the usage scenario.

Requests for personal information will at the point of requirement:

  • Before a person joins a club or enters a competition, they will need to complete their address and contact details if the competition or club requires this information. (this process is under construction)
  • Address and contact detail will continue to only be available to the management team of their club or competitions they enter.

What about Profiles?

Profile pages will be redeveloped to be more useful and more integrated into MyPhotoClub.  Each account holder will be able to decide who can see their profile.  Profiles will not be viewable until this redevelopment work is completed.