A while back I sent a message out requesting feedback on change to the membership process. Some great feedback was received, and I hope that you will all be happy with the outcome.

The membership core process is still the same – Register – Login – Fees.

The main changes are:

  • A “Would you like to join button” appears on the home page for any non members
  • If they aren’t logged in they are invited to login or register
  • If they are logged in they are invited to nominate their fee payment and add comments e.g. who they paid and how much.
  • Fee payments can be Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal
  • PayPal can be through MyPhotoClub or your own PayPal address.  If you use MyPhotoClub a monthly funds transfer will occur. You only pay PayPal fees.
  • A settings page allows each club to set these options
  • A membership coordinator is nominated, and they receive email notifications.  The coordinator can then add them to the Members group.
    • This is the main change and allows better control of membership.

For renewals the “Would you to like to join” button becomes “Membership renewal”

A settings page allows for these membership setting to be set:

  • Fees
  • Month fees are due
  • Month to consider as payment for next year e.g. If you pay in November your membership is paid for the following year.
  • Membership Coordinator

Lots of visual changes are happening with MyPhotoClub!

The drivers for this change are:

  • Moving to buttons instead of links for all actions
  • Improved usability on phones and tablets
  • Layouts that better guides the user through their activity
  • New responsive, searchable tables of information such as the Membership List.
  • Less reliance on menus
  • Buttons under the Welcome Colin (if your name is Colin) will be the main navigation start point
  • A “members area” Button will be the ‘go-to” place for members
  • A Club Management button will encompass all options currently under committee and webmaster

This pdf file is a presentation regarding these changes:   Membership Process

Please have a look and then feel free to ask any questions.

When will the changes occur?

I will raise a support ticket for each club in the name of your contact. From there we will progress each site’s transition.  Committee members will see Club Management button appear and functionality slowly appear.

The aim is to retire the Members, Committee and Webmaster menu options at the end of the year.

What about the club pages and content?

There will be a single About the Club page where all of these pages will reside.  Depending on who you are the pages available will change.  This is the last stage of the transition away from menus.  Plenty of discussion and fine tuning will occur to ensure your content is made as easy to access as possible.

Will the menu disappear?

No.  Each club can continue to use the menu as they wish.  MyPhotoClub is steadily growing and menu maintenance for all of the ‘system’ pages is not practical.

By removing the menu the capability for a club to choose a different theme becomes a possibility.

What about Competition sites?

The same changes are being implemented.  A Competition Management button will appear with activities divided up in the timeline of the progression of the competition.


What is the MyPhotoClub Challenge?

Stay tuned for info on this…it’s going to be big!



As always never hesitate to contact me with your queries or suggestions