MyPhotoClub offers an all-encompassing web-based solution for your photography club, competition or organisation.

  • Simple and efficient communication through posts to a website, automated email messaging of competition results
  • Online competition entry
  • Galleries of all competition entries
  • Automatic collation of competitions results/pointscores
  • Comment on entries with email notifications
  • All types of judging accommodated.
  • Complete membership management, including online payments
Features and demonstration videos
  • For regional, state or national bodies.
  • Locate the nearest club.
  • Comprehensive contact page.
  • Competitions – between member clubs or interest groups
Features and demonstration videos
  • National/International competitions to gain recognition
  • Local competitions – fundraising and sponsored events.
  • Inter-club competitions – between clubs or interest groups
  • Circuits – entries judged more than once

A typical competion life cycle can use all of these features:
  • Advertising
    • Dedicated website for the competition
    • Mail distribution to potentional entrants
  • Simple entry form
    • File type, size, image dimension and entry numbers are managed
    • Entries can be adjusted up until closing time
    • Receipt notification sent whenever entries are changed
    • Competitions automatically close at nominated time.
  • End to end entry fee management
    • Fees collected using online payments
    • Group or coupon discount options
    • Fee can be set based on number of sections, entries or set rates per section
    • Receipt notification sent whenever payments are made
  • Print Management
    • Front and rear label generation
    • Mailing label for packages generated.
    • Nominate sale price option.
    • Complete workflow to manage print receipting and tracking.
    • Entrant is notified on receipt of prints.
    • Sorting and ordering all managed so that prints are kept in judging order.
  • Judging
    • Formal three-five keypad mumeric score judging
    • Online comment and award entry
    • Online scoring that emulates numeric score judging
  • Acknowledgement and result publishing
    • Detailed individual score cards sent be email
    • Individual score cards can be looked up online
    • Slideshow full gallery of all entries/acceptances with result details
    • High quality pdf catlog produced
Features and demonstration videos