MyPhotoClub is the competition platform

The logistics of managing a digital or print competition are considerable. MyPhotoClub can reduce these tasks to an absolute minimum.
A typical competion life cycle can use all of these features:
  • Advertising
    • Dedicated website for the competition
    • Mail distribution to potentional entrants (existing account holders can auto-logon to enter)
  • Simple entry form
    • File type, size, image dimension and entry numbers are managed
    • Entries can be adjusted up until closing time
    • Receipt notification sent whenever entries are changed
    • Competitions automatically close at nominated time.
  • End to end entry fee management
    • Fees collected using online payments
    • Group or coupon discount options
    • Fee can be set based on number of sections, entries or set rates per section
    • Receipt notification sent whenever payments are made
  • Print Management
    • Front and rear label generation
    • Mailing label for packages generated.
    • Nominate sale price option.
    • Complete workflow to manage print receipting and tracking.
    • Entrant is notified on receipt of prints.
    • Sorting and ordering all managed so that prints are kept in judging order.
  • Judging
    • Formal three-five keypad mumeric score judging
    • Online comment and award entry
    • Online scoring that emulates numeric score judging
  • Acknowledgement and result publishing
    • Detailed individual score cards sent be email
    • Individual score cards can be looked up online
    • Slideshow full gallery of all entries/acceptances with result details
    • High quality pdf catlog produced
These capabilities can be applied to any style of competition:
  • National/International competitions to gain recognition
  • Local competitions – fundraising and sponsored events.
  • Inter-club competitions – between clubs or interest groups
  • Circuits – entries judged more than once

Short videos that demonstrate the system

Logging in and registering video
Competition Home Page video
Monitoring Entries video
Entering and paying entry fees video
Send results notices video
Produce PDF Catalog video
Competitions using MyPhotoClub: