Photography clubs are at the heart of MyPhotoClub

Photography is a wonderful pursuit, be as a hobbyist or as a professional. Getting together to enjoy your passion is what photography clubs are all about. The opportunity to grow and learn is often enhanced by competition and gaining critique from judges and fellow members. Once a group forms some organisation becomes necessary. The logistics surrounding the regular submission of digital or print images for a competition or evaluation is not a trivial task.
The core objective of MyPhotoClub is to simplify and enhance those activities:
  • Simple and efficient communication through posts to a website, automated email and Facebook integration
  • Online competition entry
  • Galleries of all competition entries
  • Automatic collation of competitions results
  • Comment on entries with email notifications
  • All types of judging accommodated.
  • Complete membership management, including online payments

Version 2 of MyPhotoClub is now being released!
each link below takes you to a video which opens in a new tab

The detail - information for managing your MyPhotoClub site